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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
well , I think the return is an even more important aspect than passing shots and djoker very clearly edges out nadal there .....

on any HC, definitely nole over nadal vs sampras ....

grass and clay, obviously nadal ....

problem with nole right now is that he used to be able to play first strike tennis back in 2007-08, but seems to have almost completely lost it now .....
Indeed, necessity via coercion, he has adapted for the current incarnation of the game, led by courts, a mutually exclusive accepted tennis playing ethos ushered by the newer generation of top players, and/or both.

Yes, the counter argument is that the return can give Nole more important edges in the match-up than Nadal's passing shots. But I think there is a misconception currently about the quality of Nadal's first serve return, in that it is considerably better than people realise, and yet it is not talked about. He gets back an unusual amount of serves with his block returns, it actually becomes almost irritating to observe, due to how uncanny it is. I believe that so far this year, Nadal has won 38% of points returning the first serve, which IIRC, places him first in that category on tour.
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