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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
well , I think the return is an even more important aspect than passing shots and djoker very clearly edges out nadal there .....nadal struggles far more vs big serving ....

on any HC, definitely nole over nadal vs sampras ....

grass and clay, obviously nadal ....
neither Nadal nor Nole have experience of playing great net rushers, we can't asses how they would do against them. Speaking of big serves Karlovic has beaten Novak, Hewitt (his pigeon) but still remains winless against Nadal.

on the topic at hand.

I'm a huge Sampras' fan and while his fh could be brutal when on, it was less consistent than Novak's.

Power-wise: Sampras
Consistency: Novak

Both Pete and Novak have very good fh, but not even among the 5 best fh of their eras.

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