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Originally Posted by Nathaniel_Near View Post
Yeh, He can't make the same impressive almost half volley strokes on the FH side that he can on the BH side. Fortunately, he's still young and fresh enough to somewhat fix aspects of his game. It's clear for example that he has superior skills at the net now compared to 2009/2010. His slice reminds me of Nadal's from a few years back; rarely threatening but accurate enough. It allows him to reset his positioning in a rally.
I feel that Djokovic's forehand has already become much more fluent and potent than say 2009/2010. If you look at matches from that time, his forehand looks very awkward and unnatural, a lot more than it does now. It still has the tendency to break down, but much less than it did a few years ago.

To answer the question in the thread, It's difficult to decide as they are different types of forehands. I guess Pete's is better as I remember it being very powerful and able to produce great shots. However, they are different eras and tennis has changed, so it's really hard to say.
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