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Originally Posted by Sander001 View Post
Ah good ol' Cyberflash, the forgotten string of yesteryear. Topspin Cyberflash 17L is even softer, measuring 158.3lbs in stiffness. Used to be pretty popular, I wonder if anybody still plays with it.
Hi Sander,

Yeah cool thanks for the info, 17L Cyberflash does look pretty decent. I get the same 158.3., ranked 46th of all stringbeds. But, the smaller gauges are always softer. To keep a level playing field, apples to apples comparison, I've only cross reffed and posted 16g. Cyberflash 16 comes in at #224, 199.5 lbs stiffness, quite a big gap btwn Black Widow 16 at #64 and 164 lbs stiffness. I know this is just lab data, not the court, but its just an observable fact that of all the strings tested (and there are quite a few not not tested) Black Widow is the softest mono poly.

Having said that I always take this lab test stuff with a grain of salt, as most people do. For instance you'll notice that Black Widow shares the same airspace as TF x-1 Bi Phase 16 at the 80th spot. That's just effing goofy. String properties are complex, not easily nailed down as much as we try to figure out this stuff.


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