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Originally Posted by Frank Silbermann View Post
Maybe not. Sure, they probably were able to run faster back then, but their strokes in 1972 might have been better -- and that's what counts, isn't it. If all you care about is watching people who can run fast, track-and-field is for you.
I think the general impression of most people is that Laver and Rosewall were superior players a number of years before 1972. In 1972 Laver would be 34 and Rosewall would be 38 which is really old age by tennis standards although I believe they were 33 and 37 when the match was played.

Newcombe was of the impression that Laver's serve could be attacked at that point for example than in earlier years.

The 1972 match was great and I saw it on television live. It was a stunning exhibition of tennis by both sides. However if I had to guess and it's strictly an educated guess the best matches that Laver and Rosewall played were when they both were younger, faster and had better reflexes.
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