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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Most people don't even know what Djokovic is using underneath his paintjob, and on top of that, explain to me how "Youtek" and "Innegra" are supposed to contribute to the tennis racquet. I'm not buying that marketing crap.

How is a blend of graphite and kevlar "inferior" to current graphite racquets?

Lastly, a lot of the pros are still using the frames from that era underneath their paintjobs.

In today's tour, I would have to go with Djokovic. It's hard to compared as they have very different forehands, effective in their own rights. Djokovic's forehand has more spin, while Sampras had a flatter shot. Since points are won by errors not by out-right winners, I'll take Djokovic's forehand.

Sampras's FH, as great as it was, wasn't even the best while he was playing. His running FH has reached mythical proportion. people don't realize he didn't hit that shot every time he was on the run,,,,,, fact is, he missed it more than he hit it.
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