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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
thanks. iīve played with the classic and tour for some time now and recently acquired 3 pros(2nd gen, austrian).
for me, they play differently. the ball seems to stay a little longer on the strings with the pro. something i really like.
the prestige pro reminds me of itīs cousin the elite pro in regards of feel.
only that the elite pro is a little bit more flexible
I have been a fan of PC600 for years until I recently bought 2 Prestige Pro 600, really happy with the decision. They have beautiful cosmetic and really shine in the sunlight. It weighs 330g unstrung but doesn't swing like a heavy frame. And like you said, Prestige Pro 600 and PC600 are quite different. Prestige Pro swing lighter, feels softer and has lower power. And like you said, the ball sinks in the stringbed a little longer. I put Volkl Power Fiber II in it, but will change to gut for more power soon.
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