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Dan Lobb,

Even though our discussions could be boring to some readers, I gladly give an answer.

Gonzalez sometimes missed majors, partly because of his several semi-retirements. Pancho was not the typical player for majors. In tours he was better than in pro majors (see his several losses at Wembley, Roland Garros).

The big guys did not show in Wembley finals? You can't be serious...

Kooyong did not alwas have all big guys. F.i. in 1966 Pancho was absent.

Joe McCauley did not give details to the Hoad/Rosewall head to head in December 1957 because- as I suppose- he did not imagine that there could be readers like you who doubt even the most clear statements...

I have already given some credit to Lew Hoad (pobably as good as Laver and Rosewall in the 1960s if being healthy) and I respect Panch Gonzalez as one of the four greatest players all-time, but you don't seem to give credit to players like Laver and Rosewall and to tournaments like Wembley and French Pro.
That's a pity.
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