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Originally Posted by droliver View Post
I think that's true particularly about Sampras (more so then Novak).

Sampras' running FH is the one you see on the highlight reels, but there were a bunch of his contemporaries that had better or more solid FH. He had a good forehand, he did not have a GREAT forehand. If you have arguably the best serve of any GOAT candidate and such a great FH shot, then you don't have such a drop off in your clay court results.
Originally Posted by drakulie View Post

Sampras's FH, as great as it was, wasn't even the best while he was playing. His running FH has reached mythical proportion. people don't realize he didn't hit that shot every time he was on the run,,,,,, fact is, he missed it more than he hit it.
LOL, way to deflate the Pete kool-aid balloon

Also, those claiming that "Pete had the best running FH or all time" -- so what? that's a rare enough shot that you don't use that as an argument to claim he had a better FH.

Novak's FH is not as aesthetically pleasing as Pete's but certainly more effective across all surfaces. I've never seen anyone track down short-angled cross-court shots to the FH as Novak has, and return them with interest.
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