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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
It's just weird. I mean, there is a different rating system among the country clubs here. They use colors (red, blue, green, yellow) and letters (A, B, C). I sure don't go around telling people I am a RedB, so why do these ladies call themselves 4.0?
cos there is no point in u callin urself a red b

the usta ratings is a universal yardstick across the usa. look at this forum - its how every1 gauges the ability of players they aint seen before

its useful in that sense. even if some1 is self rated, if they tell me they r a 4.0 then i know somethin about them. i gotta take it with a grain of salt, but it is still more useful than them tryin 2 describe what type of player they r without a mutually understood scale

real problem seems 2 be that other ppl assume that a 4.0 is a 4.0. me - first question i ask if someone tells me their ratin is if they r computer rated. if u do that, then it aint a problem at all
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