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back in the 90s they had more surfaces than just clay so hitting winners was actually a viable strategy as opposed to non-stop grinding until your opponent makes an error or dies on court due to massive coronary from exhaustion.

Petros had one of the best forehands of all time and a very good backhand. There’s a reason he held his ground just fine against Andrei off the ground. Andrei got into trouble countless times the second he put a ball to Petros’ forehand. When you hit a ball to Petro’s forehand and give him enough time to set up you know the point is about to end. With Djokovic it’s not like hitting to his forehand means the point is over. I’d be much more worried about hitting to Petros’ forehand than Djokovic so with that it’s obvious Petros’ had a superior forehand. Djokovic and Nadal are just lucky that the only difference in today’s clay surfaces is color.
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