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Originally Posted by Wuppy View Post
It would be interesting to limit all users to a certain number of posts in each 24 hour period. Maybe 10, maybe 15, whatever the mods think best.

This would help encourage people to post more useful, relevant things rather than getting involved in endless flame wars.

This would also decrease the workload of the moderators because they would have fewer worthless, junky posts and personal attacks to remove.

If that seems too draconian, mods could limit the posting restriction to certain boards. For example, the "Pro Match Results," where people make running commentaries on the matches, could have unlimited posts per day.

Just a thought. I think it would make the boards a much better internet resource as it would (help) eliminate most of the worthless junk posts.
Here's where choice comes in.

If there's a particular forum section that you think is junky, then don't read it. If there are certain posters who you think are basically spam robots and trolls, then put them on your ignore list.

Once you utilize your ignore list and just stick to certain forum sections, you'd be surprised how much it cleans up your experience.
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