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This is ridiculous. Djokovic has a good forehand, but Federer, Nadal, Soderling, Berdych, Verdasco all have better forehands than him.

Sampras had the best forehand of his generation. He destroyed Courier and Agassi in baseline forehand to forehand exchanges throughout their career. In his generation only Becker had a forehand to match his (only 2 years older).

People say "Sampras only won because of his serve". Sampras's serve is overrated. Ivanisevic hit 50% more aces than Sampras, and Rusedski/ Philippoussis/Krajicek hit 15mph faster than him.

Watch Federer v Agassi in their 2004 and 2005 AO and USO matches, then watch Sampras v Agassi Wimbledon/Cincinnati/TMC 1999. It's uncanny. There's a reason everyone instantly began comparing Federer to Sampras. Federer and Berdych are the only players with forehand weapons as good as Sampras's.
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