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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
What I find interesting is that the guidelines that they give are getting better as I improve. What I mean by that is before I had played much tennis (1 year maybe) I looked at the guidelines and thought myself to be a 4.5 player ... which amazed me because I was at that time I was barely a 3.5 player.
Oh, yes. Definitely.

I think two things happen. First, we are all better when there is not pressure. So we may hang with a 4.0 player in practice or drills, but we can't in a match.

Second, though, is that folks don't realize that the rating descriptions seem to assume you are playing against a computer-rated player of that level. I can look like a 5.0 in a match against a 2.5 player. Against another 4.0, I look like a 4.0 (hopefully).

At a minimum, the ratings descriptions should point out these two things.
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