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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
good to know.
you probably have very good concentration and reflexes.
once i'm a bit off they start to beat me.
I'm not really that good, it's just not that hard
And yues, if you're a bit off against the likes of Borg, that's deadly

Originally Posted by St. Bernard View Post
A while ago I played this religiously, I figured a few shortcuts out like jumping up on their services and constantly serving up the T, so I've finished the game.

But after firing it back up again, I've got awful rusty, struggling against Cash.
Yesh, that's how to win against Sampras. Every serve down the T and returning very close to the service line, and if somehow you have to play a rally, immediately go to the net.

On grass, that's a good strategy. Winning on hard court isn't too difficult if you know how to play from the baseline and if you know how to finish it at the net. Clay is a different story, you really have to come to the net - but only at the right times. That's probably why Borg is so hard...
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