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It has been far too long since I've last posted, however that doesn't mean I haven't kept up with the forum.
My premier wristbands. Photo blue premiers are on their way now. If anyone is willing to give up the football blue premier wristbands, I would die to have them.

My special headbands. Photo blue and obsidian just came in today. Can't wait to see what nike will be selling at the Open this year.

This is actually less than half my collection. I also have the Red/Black premier wristbands Fed wore in Miami, as well as the matching headband. There are also the White/Bluegrass premiers, and a pair of White/Black premiers. There are also some regulars like my special edition glass blue wristbands. I also have neptune blue bandana, varsity maize, white, black, bluegrass, etc. Maybe I'll post the whole collection eventually, but it would take awhile to get everything out
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