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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan Lobb,

You have written that the Wembley tournament was the only significant event of the pro calendar.

I also must contradict here. There of course was the traditional US Pro. You are wrong that the official records of US Pro for 1952 to 1961 were wrong. I have gotten the official list of the winners of every year from USPLTA. I know there is another list with "giants" like Bartzen and Giammalva but that's not the proper US Pro.
Bobby, what are you wearing for eyeglasses these days?
I have just consulted the official USPTA historical site, and it still says that the US Pro was not held between 1952 and 1961. I recommend that you read it. That is the official record.
The 1962 final between Tut Bartzen and Sammy Giammalva was indeed the offical US Pro tournament, and the Cleveland event was never sanctioned by the USPTA. It was merely a commercial title invented by the promoter Jack March. The official title had been awarded to Jack Kramer in 1959 following his application (referred to by Allison Danzig in the New York Times in his account of the Forest Hills Pro), but not implemented until 1963 by the touring pros.
The split occurred in 1952 when March, who had lost a ton of money from the 1951 event at Forest Hills, attempted to change the venue to Cleveland where costs were lower. The USPLTA refused to sanction the move, and stripped March of his title. March ignored the reality and continued to use the "US Pro" billing for the Cleveland event. Kramer corrected the situation by gaining the official title for his group in 1959.
Are we clear on this? Does the English language still work in our time?
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