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Originally Posted by Larrysümmers View Post
try adding some at the 10 and 2 and some either in the buttcap or handle. or above the grip. the best advise is to add a little at a time and just experiment.
Thanks Larry. I was out today playing before I had a chance to read your advise about 10 and 2. I played two sets with 3 grams at 12 and 1.5 grams in the butt. I found that it gave me a bit more pop on my serve and really helped me get through my backhand while allowing more spin from both sides. It felt a lot better then it did in stock form. But I still feel like I need a bit more power and stability. Do you think I could get away with adding some lead to 3 and 9 and keeping the 3 grams at 12? And if so, would you reccomend adding a bit more to the butt as well? I bought a really nice scale the other day and weighed the racket as I have it set up now and it weighs 325 grams.
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