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Originally Posted by jc4.0 View Post
I've played on USTA and a few other leagues - I played at the same level, encountered similar types/levels of players, and had similar results. The rules are also the same - you win a lot, you move up. You lose a lot, you move down. What else matters? You prove yourself at your self-rated level. And as we know, USTA players also start out self-rated. This isn't the pros.

USTA is no more legitimate in terms of ratings or anything else than other leagues I've played in. The only difference is USTA has a national computer, and our county leagues have a county-wide computer. If your main aspiration is to go to the USTA nationals, then this might make a difference to you. It doesn't mean anything to me.

Those who think USTA leagues are tougher than other Florida leagues have never played in them. It's possible that in some states, alternative leagues are more lax - but not here! I enjoyed playing USTA league but actually didn't prefer it for a lot of reasons.
This is an example of what I'm talking about.

It's simple: If you don't have a *USTA computer rating,* then you shouldn't toss around ratings numbers as though you do. It is misleading and incorrect.

So, for example, if you are playing in your county-wide system and do not have a *current USTA 4.0 computer rating*, then you are misleading people if you say you are "a 4.0." It's like telling folks that you have "200 points" and letting them believe these are points earned on the ATP.

Regarding the bold part . . . I think you told us that your county computer isn't updated regularly or well or something. I somehow doubt that you are familiar with the algorithm used by your local county and USTA, so I do not see how you can be sure there is no difference.

It is quite a stretch, then, to suggest that whatever rating you have in X local non-USTA county league equates to a genuine USTA rating.

Just be clear and honest: "I might be a 4.0, but I don't know" would be an appropriate way to characterize one's rating if one does not play USTA. Saying "I'm a 4.0" would be a fib.
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