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Originally Posted by jservoss View Post
I know at my tennis club several times new members have come in stating an inflated ego, the tennis pro then passes along my info, and I waste 90 minutes annihilating the guy. It has happened enough times that I told the club pro he can no longer give members my email.

It has nothing to do with being mystical. It has to do with accurately describing your ability and not wasting other peoples time.
dood, if u gonna play ppl on spec then this is the price u pay

in general, ppl r poor evaluators o their own abilities. i am sure there are plenty o things u do where others would describe ur estimation of ur talents as similarly incorrect

u either play ppl who self rate n accept u are gonna get some lopsided matches, or u only play computer rated ppl. but whining that ppl self rate unrealistically is like whining that the sky is blue
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