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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
JRB ....

We did it. We beat a team with 3 out of level self rates.

Our team was undefeated on the season. We played the team that only barely lost to us during the season in the finals. They brought out two more ringers for the finals. A kid that plays number 1 for West Chester University and a highly rated high school kid that looks like he is 12.

Anywho, during the finals our college kid beat their college kid so that was unexpected and a bonus.

The match was tied 2-2 and our court was the deciding court. We were playing the HS kid and the Russian, a 60 year old solid doubles player. We were on serve in the first when all of the other courts finished. I asked and was told that our court was the decider. I made sure my partner and our opponents knew what the stakes were. We did not lose a game after that winning 7-5, 6-0.

I definitely got the sense the old timer faded physically from the heat and the kid did not handle the pressure of having 100 people cheering each point in a deciding match. That and the fact I think we hit about 1000 volleys and overheads at the kid feet as the Russians returns started to float.

In any event, I felt like this weekend was a victory of good over evil, computer rated over sandbagging ...

Thanks again
Congrats. Nice job. The Central B team had another of theri ringers DQ'd the last match before districts, so they were down a couple of their top ringers.

Remember at the beginning of the season when you posted that thread about wanting to find HS & college kids eligible to self-rate at 4.0 for a run through nationals? At sectionals, you'll get a chance to play the team that did get the self-rated kids capable of winning nationals - the same team from Philly that you played for last year and quit. Karma has such a cruel sense of irony sometimes. Good luck.

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