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I'll post my StringForum review here...

This string was tested in both cooler evening temperatures and very hot/humid afternoon temperatures. It strung up fairly easy, very similar to Pro Hurricane Tour. I let it sit for 48 hours after the stringing for the bed to really settle in. The courts were all outdoor hard courts so there was no durability issues as there are with clay. US Open Championship balls were used at all times. The string played extremely inconsistent throughout it's playing life. The tension loss was semi-consistent throughout it's life as it fell in "jumps" for me. (The string lasted 4 days, 2 hours a day.) The first day was solid, the second day felt really off, the 3rd day was near the first, and the final day felt close to the end. At the end of it's life it was launching quite a few normal shots long. Next time I would definitely string it higher as it's quite a bit softer then most other poly's. I think it was a mistake on my end, but if I do decide to revisit this string I'd try 10 lbs higher to account for what felt like a substantial amount of tension loss. There was very little string movement to begin with, but as the strings wore on, it began to move more which is normal for me. As stated before, the spin production is vastly less than Pro Hurricane Tour and worlds behind Solinco Tour Bite. For me it produced less spin then some multis. Overall a great string for comfort, I imagine that a hybrid with gut in the mains would provide the ultimate comfort with a lot better performance than a full bed.

Compared to Pro Hurricane Tour, it's a softer version with a lot more power. I'd much prefer to use Pro Hurricane Tour for the issue that it's a more uniform string. Protect had an issue with hot spots in the bed. Comfort wise, it is worlds ahead of pretty much any other poly I've tried. It's softer than even poly/multi hybrids that I've tried. The only way I would use this string is if my arm was killing me and I absolutely had to use a poly. It's a very spotty string in comparison to Pro Hurricane Tour and the spin production is quite a bit less with a similar stroke.

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