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Finished up the Still in Black. See below or up top.

I think my first impressions were pretty on-target. The string plays very stiff yet doesn't do anything fantastic which drops it to the "mediocre" poly category for me. For a string this stiff (even at 4, I expect a lot more in either energy return or the spin department. I don't see either. At first the string does what you want it to fairly well. If you relax and hit your shots appropriately you can get a variation of topspin but nothing is "free" here. The spin comes from the technique, and not from any inherent properties of the string itself. After getting used to playing with B7, the feel of this string is just pah. Jarring and uncomfortable would be the two terms I'd use towards the end of the play. In my last playtest, I had fresh and dead-->pop beds of B7 to compare it to and hands down the B7 won. Frankly, I feel a bit sore hitting with this stuff.

Again, "meh" is a good term to use. No freebies here although I was able to hit one truly inexplicable slice serve. No clue where it came from but that sucker moved. Short of hitting the absolute perfect sweet spot, flat serves hurt my arm (I traditionally hit just above it). Spin serves also take on a sense of mediocrity. The lack of pop is also astounding and if you don't kick in the RHS, the ball will die into the net

The only category where I found this string to be above average. Snap volleys in place and the string reacts nicely. The stiffness lends a nice zip to shots and yet is dead enough to take something off if you need it.

Tension maintenance:
Not terrible. The string held up decently in terms of overall tension but the feel just took a dive. My first play was stiff but decent. Second play was already somewhat uncomfortable and the last was just downright cut-worthy.

Durability:Lil more than 6 hours? If this weren't a playtest, I would have cut it out much sooner. The feel is just not for me.

I'm really curious to see how much this string costs. It's not terrible for a budget poly but I'd be sorely tempted to laugh if it's a 12.00+ string. Perhaps it's just not for me but I really couldn't find anything special about this string. It simply didn't play to my strengths and was uncomfortable on my arm. For future tests, I'd drop the tension to 45-46 to try and mitigate some of the issues I came across.

Groundstrokes: 3.5/5
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