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Originally Posted by suwanee4712 View Post
You make a great point. For me, Martina made other players much more watchable. Sanchez Vicario bored me to death because her moonballs and looping strokes rarely served an actual purpose other than to keep an opponent back and possibly lull them to sleep. But when she played Martina she was forced to play more aggressively and show off the decent net skills that she possessed.

Martina also forced others out of their comfort zone. Had it not been for her I might've never realized what a good forehand volley Evert has. That's not a knock on Evert as I genuinely enjoyed watching her play doubles.
Very true.
Unfortunately there's no one like her these days.
The sameness gets quite dull unless one of the top girls is involved.
Sometimes they can't save matches either.
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