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Originally Posted by jservoss View Post
I know at my tennis club several times new members have come in stating an inflated ego, the tennis pro then passes along my info, and I waste 90 minutes annihilating the guy. It has happened enough times that I told the club pro he can no longer give members my email.

It has nothing to do with being mystical. It has to do with accurately describing your ability and not wasting other peoples time.
Ain't wasting my time. Sometimes, I annihilliate a guy who claims to be 4.0 NTRP and has gone thru the laundry list to get himself rated. Sometimes, I get my butt handed to me by another guy who is NTRP rated and sometimes his not NTRP rated. It's not a waste of time the way I see it. You need to beat and play against all types of competition. I don't need a bunch of rules and guidance telling me that, I've been playing tennis long enough to know that. Now somebody in an earlier post is talking bout having having someone with a clipboard roving the courts..give me a break. Wow that's a lotta fun.
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