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Originally Posted by TennisDawg View Post
Ain't wasting my time. Sometimes, I annihilliate a guy who claims to be 4.0 NTRP and has gone thru the laundry list to get himself rated. Sometimes, I get my butt handed to me by another guy who is NTRP rated and sometimes his not NTRP rated. It's not a waste of time the way I see it. You need to beat and play against all types of competition. I don't need a bunch of rules and guidance telling me that, I've been playing tennis long enough to know that. Now somebody in an earlier post is talking bout having having someone with a clipboard roving the courts..give me a break. Wow that's a lotta fun.
I have no problem playing with players weaker than me. I have a problem when people lie about their ability just to get on the court with me.

True story. I had a guy tell me he was a 5.5 player that has been "having some success" competing in futures and would like to practice against me. Naturally I take him up on this wonderful opportunity. We go out and I beat him 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. After playing he said we were a good matchup and that he just had a bad day, then asked if we should play the same time next week. Of course I told him to f*** off. When I got home I looked him up online, and he had definitely been signing up for a lot a futures; however, he forgot to mentioned he hasn't even won a game yet in the qualifying rounds.

Had the guy just been honest about his level of play I probably would have hit with him anyways, but I have no respect for players that pull this crap.
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