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Originally Posted by jservoss View Post
I have no problem playing with players weaker than me. I have a problem when people lie about their ability just to get on the court with me.

True story. I had a guy tell me he was a 5.5 player that has been "having some success" competing in futures and would like to practice against me. Naturally I take him up on this wonderful opportunity. We go out and I beat him 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. After playing he said we were a good matchup and that he just had a bad day, then asked if we should play the same time next week. Of course I told him to f*** off. When I got home I looked him up online, and he had definitely been signing up for a lot a futures; however, he forgot to mentioned he hasn't even won a game yet in the qualifying rounds.

Had the guy just been honest about his level of play I probably would have hit with him anyways, but I have no respect for players that pull this crap.
Hey man, if you're that good competing in 5.5s, you are truly "wasting your time" talkin on this thread. Your best bet would be to get in good with a D1 Tennis coach and try and line up practice matches with the team.
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