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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

All I am saying is that those who do not have a current USTA computer rating need to stop misleading others.

USTA rating is currently the most ubiquitous and consistent rating available at the moment for most rec players, so that is what most people think of when they hear, "I'm a 3.5." The people who are claimung to be 3.5s when they have no computer rating are causing needless confusuion.
This may surprise you but most rec players don't play USTA or necessarily have an official rating even if they belong to the USTA. Ratings are only meaningful in the context which they are derived from. If someone says they have an official 4.5 rating at their club and they play only at their club. Well by golly they are a 4.5 at their club. In fact you could argue that computer ratings are only valid within the context of USTA league and tournament play. Ratings are just arbitrary numbers that people shouldn't get to hung up on. I just take them as general guidelines for level of play.

I don't feel I am misled by people when they tell me their ratings adn they are not "official". Just note where they derived their rating from- self, club rated or computer rated and you will have a pretty good idea.
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