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Originally Posted by jmnk View Post
ok, so i need a clarification here.
You are saying that your team beat a team with '3 out of level self-rates'? How's that possible that they are out of level if your, I'm assuming computer rated, players did beat them? wouldn't that by definition almost mean that the other team's players are in fact --not-- out of level?
Or the other possibility is that your team is made up of at least the same, or more, number of out-of-level players?
Since you did beat them at least twice than it was no accident. Please clarify....
Dude, seriously, are you new to league tennis? Sandbagging out-of-level ringers can only be found on opposing teams. The best players on your own team are better characterized as strong-for-level warriors who have improved a lot during the season through hard work and dedication.
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