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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

All I am saying is that those who do not have a current USTA computer rating need to stop misleading others.

USTA rating is currently the most ubiquitous and consistent rating available at the moment for most rec players, so that is what most people think of when they hear, "I'm a 3.5." The people who are claimung to be 3.5s when they have no computer rating are causing needless confusuion.
You just say " I don't have a computer rating", but I play with XXX and XXX who do and they are 4/5.x"

It's not a huge deal. So what, some people say they are better then they are. That will never change.

I know a tennis director who gets me matches and sets me up against 4-5.0 players and none have ever said it was a waste of time, in fact most want to play me again..a lowly guy with no USTA rating..imagine that.
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