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Originally Posted by Fee View Post
I rarely hear him since he doesn't work in the US. I know others hear him on streams and such.

I'm not impressed with Cicma, I'll leave it at that. I understand why people dislike Justin, but I guess I'm just used to him since that's pretty much the was he is off camera too (and he's so much better now than when he started in 2007).

JMac drives me crazy because he talks way too much, talks during points, and can turn any match into a story about his matches 3 decades ago. Pat Mac also talks too much.

Gilbert's nicknames are annoying and disrespectful, in my opinion. I like Fowler and Robinson because I think they ask good questions to get the more knowledgeable commentators to add insights. I love Darren Cahill, but its awkward when he calls matches with the players that he works with.

I think Martina is good but she talks over points too much. McAtee does decent interviews, but should not do matches. I like Mary C. and I really like when she works with Justin, they balance each other pretty well.

I love Justin and Leif Shiras together but sometimes they forget they are watching a match and act like brothers joking around in front of the TV. They're pretty close, it shows when they work together.
Yeah, Brad Gilbert is annoying with the names. It's almost like he's trying to be a cheap impersonator of Chris Berman, but Berman is better at it.

I don't like Leif Shiras very much, and I don't know why.

The problem I have with John McEnroe and Martina and Pam Shriver is that anytime there is a situation dealing with a rule (not a line call), but a rule like medical timeouts, or foot fault rules, or toilet breaks, etc., they just automatically assume that the umpire is wrong (sometimes they are, but usually not), and then they will just give out wrong information, instead of actually checking to see what the rule is first. Half of the time only they correct themselves, and then 14 threads start on here about an incorrect ruling when it was actually correct.
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