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Usta ratings *are* the only real ratings that use the half point system that I am talking about. By "real," I mean "commonly understood."

There are other systems, of course. Many clubs apparently have their own system. That is fine.

If your are on vacation and someone asks your rating, isn't the correct answer "I don't have a rating, but I play with a bunch of 4.0s back home."

Or if you play a non-USTA county league and someone asks your level, isn't the answer "I don't have a USTA rating, but I think I am around 4.0"

What is so hard about just being truthful? The folks who insist on obscuring things (not referring to everyone here, just one or two people) are acting like having a computer rating is such a big deal that it is necessary or justified to fib.

As far as whether your local league pseudo-4.0s could prevail over usta comuter 4.0s . . . Who cares? I am a 4.0 (a legit one) and some 4.0s can beat me and some cannot.

I don't understand why some folks wriggle so hard rather than just admit they do not have a computer rating. I don't have a golf handicap, so why would I wish to go around suggesting that I do?
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