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The posts below summarize exactly why you would rather smash your TV set to pieces than listen to JMac ! J Mac just makes up rules/stories and provides his own opinions on what should be done regarding a match situation rather than provide the listener the correct information on what the rules are.

JMac drives me crazy because he talks way too much, talks during points, and can turn any match into a story about his matches 3 decades ago. Pat Mac also talks too much
anytime there is a situation dealing with a rule (not a line call), but a rule like medical timeouts, or foot fault rules, or toilet breaks, etc., they just automatically assume that the umpire is wrong (sometimes they are, but usually not), and then they will just give out wrong information, instead of actually checking to see what the rule is first.
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YES! I've nearly broken my TV because of Mac's complete lack of research and understanding about the current rules of the game. And they can get copies of the rulebooks for FREE! They aren't that hard to read, and not really time consuming either.
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