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I got into Yonex years ago when I was looking for a change to a new racquet and wanted something in the 98sq" range but also something that was low powered with a thin beam. That racquet turned out to be the Yonex Ti-80 and I still use it on occasion. It's old, but looks new. Loved Yonex ever since.

I improved and felt confident about using a midsize and acquired the RDX500 90(loved it but way too flexy) and have been using the RDS001 90 since it came out in 2007. It's easily the ugliest racquet I've ever held but it plays with such pure magnificence that I knew there could be no other. I bought six of them and the quality control is outstanding.

I also own an RDS002 Tour that I had to own just as an homage to my first Yonex, the Ti-80. Good racquet, but I prefer the Ti-80.
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