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Default Help I'd this Wilson please pro stock or retail???

Ok, so I'm in Texas on buisiness asnd drive by a goodwill. I am very close to an area with big tennis programs. So I see a goodwill and say what the hell and go inside and find a few gems for 4.99 each. The fist was a red Fischer mono pro 95 in great condition and the second was a Wilson ncode six one 95 in mint shape,( beside the leather grip.)

I fly back to AZ with them and the next day take a closer look. The fischer is just plane cool looking. Players specs and strung with a nice hybrid. Definitely a keeper.

The Wilson threw me for some loops and it was marked 4 5/8 but the leather grip felt like more closer to a 1/4 or 3/8. It was strung with lux and was fitted with an old volkl leather grip.

I looked at the forum and noted a few things I discovered. The paint on this racquet is matte . The Wilson logo os a black square with the "w" in red. The specs in the throat are black letters of silver background. it is standard 27 inch length. I took the leather grip off and it appears to be a foam formed handle.

I looked at the retain stick and noticed the have a gloss paint, different Wilson logo at the throat and specs are different color in throat.

Can any of the experts here help out? I put pics up to look at.

Any help is appreciated.


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