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Default Roger Federer HPS 6.1 paint job racket (Equijet, this one's for you)

Ahh, now that Equijet has graced us with his presence again, I have a question for him. Equijet, do you have Federer's HPS 6.1 with silver "W" logo over his PS 6.0 85?

We know of the HPS 6.0 PJ (your collection is amazing!), but I want to see if you got your hands on this HPS 6.1 version.

See the threads I created here and here that discuss this PJ that Federer sported early in 2002.

Also, here are some pics for ease of reference:

You are probably the only one in the world (aside from the GOAT himself) who may possess this HPS 6.1 PJ.

Make us proud, Equijet!
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