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I have been doing a bunch of string testing recently and put some in a C10 Pro to see how it would play. I have always found that racquet just a tad too lively for my taste, but with some of the firmer polys we have been testing, it plays great. I've also bumped up my tension from 52lbs to 55 and up depending on the string. So far I've been playing really well with the C10 Pro, I've dialed in the stringbed with more control and the racquet feels more solid and stable than the Prestige MP.

Compared to the PB 10 Mid, the C10 Pro feels like it swings with more mass and has a livelier feel. Both are silky smooth in their response, but the ball jumps off the C10 Pro faster for me. The PB 10 Mid is a faster racquet that's easier to snap through contact but the C10 Pro offers more plow through and stability.

Hope that helps.
Chris, TW
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