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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Who are these "experts", and where is their concrete evidence that doing this has a benefit, if any? I will remind you that the jury is still out.
I agree completely! There are a lot of "experts" who base their opinions on hearsay and wishful thinking. And the less some people know the more inclined they are make a dogmatic statement

If you use the same strings and increase the tension in one direction and decrease it the same amount in the other, I would say that you will get very little effect since the stiffness of the string bed is fairly constant. If you use different strings you will have some effect. But it will depend on several of factors and you can't say that one is right and the other is wrong.

I ran a simulation in StringBed with one racquet strung with polys at 24 kg in both directions and one that had gut at 26 kg in the mains and polys with 24 kg in the crosses. The result was that the all poly was 5% softer for small deformations (very light hits) and 5% stiffer for heavy loads (world class drives). Just as an indication that there is no simple truth.

So the only way to know for sure what you prefer is to string two racquets and play with them, preferable with knowing which is which.


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