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Originally Posted by jmnk View Post
ok, so i need a clarification here...
Our team ... every one is computer rated for at least 4 seasons. We have won our district 3 years in a row. Last year half our team was elevated to 4.5 at early start rating time and then moved back down at year end rating time. Our section coordinator said our section representative was not competitive at Nationals last year so they dialed every one back. In short, we have a very good completely computer rated team. Additionally, no one ever leaves our team except for injury.

Their team ... A team of nomads. We play in Delaware which is close to three other districts. Their captain is not a nice person ... by all accounts. There is a reason that even though we have won 3 years running, every spectator not associated with his team wanted us to win. The goal in playoffs was anybody but "Earl". His players rarely play for him for more than 1 or 2 seasons because of this. However, what he does exceptionally well is recruit new to league tennis folks or players from neighboring districts that do not know him (yet).

Of course the players he recruits are good. His three self rates were as follows:

Player 1: 4-0 at 1st singles against mid 4.0s - total game score (48-6). He did not play at districts this weekend ... captain was overheard saying he already had 2 strikes and was saving him for sectionals. Not sure how he would know this but apparently he has a birdie.

Player number 2: 2-0 at 1st singles against above avg 4.0s .. total game score (24-. He also did not play this weekend because he has entered the marines.

Player number 3: 6-1 in doubles. 18 year old rising HS senior ... he was the kid who played on my court. He lost to us by 4 breaks in his last match so he probably will be a 4.0 C next year, so by definition not an out of level self rate. However, my partner and I were both early start 4.5's last year and were undefeated this season 12-0 in the district and this kid was much better than us. If his partner had been stronger they should have won.

I think that if either of those other two had played we likely would have lost ... it was that close.
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