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Originally Posted by Thepowerofchoice View Post
I'm a former "pusher". Today I was playing against very soilid 4.0 base liner. He hits very loopy forehands top spin...almost like moonball with a lot of actions. I knew I needed to step in and take the ball early but found myself getting tight and gave away many short balls...

So I decided to give him no pace, slicing forehands and backhands. I completely through him off his game and he was running like a mad man. I won.

I was not completely pushing because I finished many points at the net and had a couple of winners from the baseline.

Happy ending but I'm feeling kinda guilty LOL
You shouldn't feel guilty about winning the way you did. You found your opponent's weakness and exploited it. It's not your fault he had the weakness so you shouldn't feel guily about exploiting it. If anything, your opponent should feel bad. He almost certainly knew that he was weak at hitting no pace balls but refused to work on that aspect of his game. Serves him right.
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