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Originally Posted by max View Post
I've got 2 cellphones, a landline (very nice thing) and internet connection through ATT.

I'm not pleased with the monthly charge of around $175-190 for this. I hardly use one of the cellphones; it all seems very pricey.

I'm thinking about jumping off the ATT freighter: any tips or suggestions on good plans to look into?
ATT is the worst. I used to use ATT internet, land line and cell phone service.
Their fee is one of the most expensive and service was aweful. DSL Internet was so slow. I cancelled Internet and landline service. I am planing to cancel cell phone service as well. I switched to Comcast for Internet. The fee is the same but speed was 10- 50 times faster if not more. For land line I use magic Jack for $1.97 per month. I am pondering what cell phone service I use. I like Samsung Galaxy Note so I am thinking T-Mobile. Any suggestion for good cell phone service?
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