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Originally Posted by SStrikerR View Post
This belong more in the tips/instructions sub forum, but oh well. What you have to realize is that just because the pro someone picks may have the "best" of that shot, doesn't mean it's smart for you to emulate it. For example, a guy I know emulates federer stroke for stroke. When we play singles I destroy him, and I don't copy anybody. His backhand is just bad, and his forehand breaks down because his timing has to be very good and...well, it isn't.

I guess what im saying is, if you aren't a pro, don't hit like one.
I understand but that's not what im saying. If you think federers stroke is bad for a person to model after then don't put him. Put the pro who's strokes the average player SHOULD model after. I mean whose forehand should a 3.5-4.0 player try and model? Nole? Is it nikolas almagro?? It doesn't necessarily have to be a top pro either
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