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Originally Posted by fire_eaters View Post
I understand but that's not what im saying. If you think federers stroke is bad for a person to model after then don't put him. Put the pro who's strokes the average player SHOULD model after. I mean whose forehand should a 3.5-4.0 player try and model? Nole? Is it nikolas almagro?? It doesn't necessarily have to be a top pro either
I know what you're saying. And what I'm saying is that in this section, people are likely to either pick a top pro, or their favorite player (read: top pro) and I'm forewarning you that it's bad advice. Then I explained why. So, you're welcome. Like I said, I suggest this goes in the tips forum so you get good, objective advice.

In my personal opinion, nobody. At that level you can copy all you want, but just having a similar looking stroke isn't going to make it good. You won't be able to perform the more subtle parts of their technique that make their shot so good. You're better off learning the basics of the strokes and forming your own, that are more effective for you.

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