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Originally Posted by fire_eaters View Post
I understand but that's not what im saying. If you think federers stroke is bad for a person to model after then don't put him. Put the pro who's strokes the average player SHOULD model after. I mean whose forehand should a 3.5-4.0 player try and model? Nole? Is it nikolas almagro?? It doesn't necessarily have to be a top pro either
I get what you mean. If you're just startin out with tennis, it's good to try and model your game after a pro. If you've been playing a while and a 3.5/4.0 even 4.5, it's hard to do a complete overhaul of your game, a few tweaks are good, though.
Not many will emulate the professionals, but it's a good idea to try, especially if you're just starting.
My favorite would be Roger Federer, Wawrinka, Gasquet for the 1hbh, just do a google search and find some utube videos, there's a bunch. Same guys for the slice bh and even Djoker comes to mind. For the serve, again Federer would be great, Sam Stosur for the Kick Serve.
I would say the top 10 Men and Womens player are a good bunch for all the strokes, serve, volley, bh,fh, OH. Depends on what you hit 1hbh or 2hbh.
Study the utube video and pause it and look at the subtle descriptions by the teacher. There's a website called TennisOxygen and the narrator does a common threads analysis of two players i.e. Federer-Gasquet and shows you what they both do the same that makes them great shot makers.
Good luck, if you only grasp/do part of it, you'll still be better than most players.

Oh the other posters is right this should be in the tennis instruction forum, but I see you are still a rookie!
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