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Awesome pic! I was curious so thought I'd use the TW Customization worksheet and get some estimated specs. I'm not sure if Babolat gives pros lighter pro-stock racquets, though I don't think they do. But assuming his base racquet is a stock APDGT, the base specs would be 320g, 33cm balance point (4 points HL), and a 331 SW. I estimate that there is at least 14 inches of lead tape on those racquets, divided into two 1/4 inch strips (those are 1/4 in strips, aren't they?), which would add 7 grams to the head. The new specs would then be 327g, 33.76cm balance (1.7 points head light) and a 355 SW!

That static weight seems rather low for a pro player, especially someone as strong as Tsonga, so let's assume that P1 adds 20 grams of weight to the handle, centered at 4 inches. The specs would then be 347g, 355 SW, and a 32.4 cm balance (6 points head light). That's a beast of a racquet and must have some annihilating plow through!
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