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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
If I'm not mistaken Tsonga uses the APDGT+, not the standard length. I could be wrong but that's what I remember from the thread with his actual stick.

Good to note. The GT+ base is more headlight (6pts) with a higher swingweight (339). Given just the addition of 7 grams to the head, the new balance of the GT+ would be 324g / 33.81 cm (3.5 pts HL) / 364 SW. If they add 20 grams to the handle at 4 in., the swingweight remains the same, though the static weight obviously changes and the racquet would be almost 8 points head light.

For all I know there's another thread where someone has one of his racquets and has measured his specs. What most interests me is how much that amount of lead under the bumper would increase the swingweight and change the balance point. It gives quite a bump in swingweight, but intuitively I would have thought it would affect the balance even more.
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