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Just finished a 1.5 hours of drills with the X-Dual Pro today. Got a good deal on one and wanted to see for myself how it differs from the Pro 1 16x19.
I hit with it stock first and did not like the feel & balance. I've been playing with the 10g buttcap in my P1 for the last month or 2. So I then put the 10g buttcap on the X-DP and much better. I did not serve with it. It came strung with Donnay hybrid at 53lbs.
1. The power is reigned in noticeably. There is still a good amount of power to be had I just needed to work more for it. Faster swings and precise timing were necessary whereas the 16x19 P1 leaves me more room for error.
2. Control is noticeably better. Still not really what I'd call a 'scalpel' but I could put balls closer to my targets than with the 16/19.
3. Love the matte black pj vs the glossy one!
4. When I put the X-DP on top of the 16/19 it appears the hoop on the X-DP is a shade smaller.
5. The balance & weight are dead on with the 16/19.

Over the next 2 days I get to use it in match play. That will tell a lot more than the practice drills.
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