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Originally Posted by YellowBall77 View Post
Yes, Fed Fans=living vicariously thru their 'classy' hero. Often times the beta and omega males, living sadly thru their 'white knight' hero, defending his honor tirelessly and lashing out at anyone who questions his tenuous hold on GOATdom. Most Fed fans I meet in real life at the bars etc...are nice guys who don't have the guts to challenge me when I point out some flaws in his 'omg best ever' resume...smiling politely and then asking me to help them pick up women LOL...I see where they all go after the night is over to vent their frustrations. Fed's appeal lies in that he is a great success but relatable to many dorks; Mirka looks like a Star Trek fan.

Nadal fans=often times lacking logic. I think the average IQ of Nadal fans online might be lower than any other segment. Some are decent online, but a strikingly large amount seems to be nice enough but rather dim-witted...much like their hero.

Djokovic Fans= Honorable, courageous, and dedicated individuals. The alpha males in life who realize that being such is all about living life with heart, passion, dedication...not being afraid to cry...working hard and playing hard. Djokovic fans embody their icon's legacy of 'Similing at Adversity.' Djokovic fans probably do well in business, with the opposite sex, and have rich and variegated personal lives.

The bs in this post is so strong I can smell it from here. Lol.
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