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Nadal fans are mostly women before 35 and young kids, both attracted to the Superman-type physique and heroics. The former would want to sleep with Nadal, the latter would want to be like Nadal.

Federer fans are usually older, better educated and more realistic about life - women after 35 (with maturity they gradually shift their sexual preferences from raw muscle to intangibles like brains and social success) and most men who can relate to Federer's "normal" body shape and manners.

Djokovic fans are very diverse. You can see typical bandwagoners, nationalistic people from the Eastern Europe, Fedal haters (as a form of anti-social protest "occupy ATP"), and so on. It is hard to generalize them just like it is hard to define what Djokovic is all about.

Murray fans are Brits and weirdos. They are usually the quietest, politest and most educated people worth having serious conversations with.

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