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Originally Posted by murky69nz View Post
Funny, that's exactly what I'm in the process of doing.....

I've got a PS95 and PS100 that I'm finding a little light (previously used a K90).

Never bothered modding frames previously, and think the idea of digging out the foam/silicon/wrapped lead tape etc was all a bit messy. I've purchased a range of stainless bolts (M8 and M6 guage, from 40mm to 100mm in 10mm increments), will drill out an equivalent hole through the foam, and slot them in there. The best part is I can just swap the bolt out for a shorter or longer one to vary the weight (there's only 3-4 gm between each size).

On the 95/100 - seems to me they're both ideally spec'd to beef us - majority of weight in the handle (one larger stainless bolt, or two smaller/narrower ones), and a little at 12 (or little more at 3&9) to up the swing weight......

Easy as pie....
Just be careful your bolts don't touch the inside walls of the handle or the metal bars Wilson puts inside their handles, otherwise you'll get a rattle or funky vibration. The metal bars span the gap of the cavity, usually about 1/2" from the butt end. But maybe they didn't need to put them into the lighter Pro Staff models.
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